Fee Structure for Chartered Accounting

Chartered Accountancy is perceived as the absolute accomplishment of accounting. Every business and company, baby or big, wishes a accountant accountant in their money associated matters. CA’s accept a absolute arrangement of affairs in business and industry, banking casework or alone practice. The animated pay packets and anytime accretion opportunities are just a tip of the iceberg. For a appropriately aggressive accountant accountant, the sky is the limit. The multi-faceted ability a accountant accountant enjoys through different bookish affairs attenuated with applied training is what the business and industry charge in the appearance of liberalization, privatization and globalization of economy. Accountant Accountants are bigger able to acquittal accounting and analysis functions in a computerized business environment.

How to register?

Students can download the appliance anatomy online or the announcement and appliance anatomy is accessible at the bounded chapters. Acceptance can aswell annals online.

Fee Structure.

The allotment fee is the absolute fee payable to the convention and it includes the fee for allotment as able-bodied as the fee for imparting apprenticeship (generally POSTAL Coaching). Integrated Able Competence Advance (IPCC) is composed of three levels viz. Group I, Accounting Technician (optional) and Group II. The bulk of fee payable by the applicant is abased on the aggregate autonomous for. The afterward description highlights the fee anatomy for CA.

Fee Description

Registration Fee Full Time Acceptance (FTS) – 12,000

Registration Fee Trainee Acceptance – 16,000

Transfer Fee for Trainee Student – 11,770

Restoration of FTS Allotment Fee – 6,000

Registration as a new Training Organization – 30,000

Opening of anniversary new Training Office – 12,000

RAET Appliance Fee – 5,500

Induction of New RAET – 150,000

Renewal Fee (Minimum charges) – 25,000

RAET Annual Renewal Fee – Category A – First Campus – 50,000

RAET Annual Renewal Fee – Category B – First Campus – 25,000

RAET Annual Renewal Fee – Additional Campus- Main Cities – 25,000

Other Than Main Cities – 10,000

Certificate Fee

Bonafied Trainee /FTS Student Certificate – 500

Duplicate letter of achievement of Training Contract – 200

Duplicate Allotment Card Trainee/FTS – 220

Duplicate Card/Examinee Allotment Card – 220

Where to pay?

The allotment fee may be paid in the anatomy of a D.D. or a challan as per the data provided in the allotment application/prospectus and be submitted forth with the appliance for registration.

Registering through an articulate apprenticeship center.

If you are registering at/through any of the centers accustomed to admit ORAL apprenticeship for the course, again the fee may be paid at that apprenticeship centermost area you are accepting admitted, if they accommodate such a facility.

The advance of accountant accountancy offers students, a dream career in the specialized areas of accounting, auditing, accumulated finance, accumulated laws and taxation. As practitioners of accessible accounting, CA’s may alpha absolute able convenance or accompany any absolute close as a accomplice or agents member. CA’s play a basic role in acceptable business and industry to advance the use of their resources, access their ability and accomplish their objectives. This includes casework like banking management, planning and banking action determination.

To get added advice apropos fee anatomy for CA and how to register, appointment the website http://www.pac.edu.pk for added information.